LTV2: Part 2​-​-​The Death & Rebirth of Christopher Owens

by Truth B. Told

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This second part of the three part "Death & Rebirth of Christopher Owens" series is an introspective, candid, and at times vulnerable look into the life of the artist behind the microphone. From romantic ("Be With Me") to inspiring ("Strength") to straightforward ("Superhero's Resignation") to solemn ("Commencement") to triumphant ("My Testimony"), this album undoubtedly is the most revealing & personal album to date from Truth B. Told.


released December 28, 2010



all rights reserved


Truth B. Told Phoenix, Arizona

"Poet or an MC? Neither, I'm a hybrid/ That means I ain't gassed up but I electrify sh*t..." --Truth B. Told

The only title I prefer to use for myself is "artist".

My goal is to be the best me that I can be. So far, I'm doing pretty damn good. I thank you for your continued support in everything I do.

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Track Name: Take My Hand

Take my hand & you can lead the way
Making sure we always kneel to pray (x4)

Verse one

See I was told that persecutions are only cool to the one holding the hammer & nails
Which explains why people have issues hammering details from their past out
Passed out from the exhaustion of carrying their own cross
And see, throwing in YOUR two cents
Doesn't mean you paid the cost to put yourself inside of my insoles
If you've been through anything, leave now
This ain't for you
This ain't for sometimey-ass folk who scream on Sundays between pews
Then view you like your shit ain't perfect
Quick to turn habits into Facebook statuses
But can't face themselves when it's time for action
I write line to provide sunshine for those with "Help Wanted" signs on their lives...
Is that you?


Verse Two

Somebody right now is too afraid to look at themselves in the mirror for fear of having so much shame
They may let the razor slip on purpose while shaving
I'm trying to save THEM
People wanna remind you where your shortcomings lay
As if they forget there's no exception except Him
When it comes to being less than perfect
But rather ignore their faults & focus on yours on purpose
Purposely searching for imperfections to rest your head at night
'cause your head ain't right if your shortcomings don't feel protected
So if you need somebody to clown on
You can look up to me to look down on
View my situations that you may frown on
But you don't realize that I went through my own hell in order to find home, so...

Track Name: Be With Me ft. Bashiri Asad
Verse One

You deserve to see sunrises over oceans
Have poems written in skies to provide shade from sunshine
But for the time being
I'll take just seeing you treated better than you have been
I've been asking
Why would you remain in a cage that has the door open
Hoping things would change from the way they were before and
We both know how your man can be controlling
Since when do relationships have captains?
If your man's trippin
The only destination should be happiness
And why should I be passive
You ain't had a fraction of my passion but
Past tense cats left you past tense
Let's move past them, baby move past him
You're holding on to what already has passed when
You know that ship came & went
And each day you've spent
Telling me how happy you are with me
Yet you're dealing with this, that contradicts
Baby, common sense says this...

You need someone
Whose love won't run
If you need real love
You should be with me
Just take my hand
And you will see
How good love will be
If you'll be with me

Verse two

See, you ain't had love like this before
So immersed in it, happiness fills your pores
and you become sore from
Learning how to smile with your heart again
Joy from morning when you awake at the start of them
And learn how good it feels to feel like you again
This kind of dream was built for you, my friend
My love
Just one time I'd love to see her get reimbursed
for the hurt that she's been through
'cause with you
This thing don't look right
Your ring don't look right
Your name don't look right 'cause it don't match mine
Baby girl's not mine & I don't need clocks
I know it's past time, and I'd be just fine to
Move her past hurt to "Happily Ever After"
You don't have to question my heart, just ask hers
Man, the laughter & chapters of passions that we can see ain't make believe
We can make this be

(repeat chorus)


Baby, I know he don't treat you right
Hear your needs, understand your life
Baby, I know he don't do those things
that make you moan & make you scream
Baby, I know you get tired of things
And that you've been scared to make that change
But what I know don't mean one thing
If you can't see you should be with me

Track Name: Declaration
So my boy told me, right...
He was like, "When you speak, what's the point in being deep if your people can't swim?
That's like trying to fight a lynch mob knowing you're going out on a limb
and you mad 'cause don't nobody want to hang with you?"
To which I replied, "Who am I NOT to ridicule
those who choose to stay in the kiddie pool
cause if you really tried
It don't take Terrence Howard's pride to show you how to scuba dive
And even if I die going out on a limb at least I'll go out swinging..."
See the thing is niggas nowadays get unnerved when you get the nerve to serve you purpose
Trying to build something like pastors building churches
While they sit on their asses eating Church's
Frontin like they can't wing it...
See the thing is if you spent half the time with your lips flapping on action
Perhaps then your past wouldn't cast a shadow so long
You couldn't see your present
This... is a declaration; kings don't argue with peasants
And since at present time a canine's life is worth more than a nigga's
I figure I need to focus more on people, than Rick Pitino
See those
Same folks that will talk behind your back will give you dap
and them same folk that say you ain't shit
To your face will ride your dick like a rodeo or cheap hoe going down a pole
When they see you, they're whole story strip
This used to bother me
Until my boy A.I. told me, listen...
Nobody assassinates vice-presidents
They aim for top dog & they will Michael Vick you
But I'm too fly to fuck with falcons, I'm an eagle
7 on my back meaning God's got me protected
and from haters, I no suggestions... any questions?
Fuck that
I've got the answer:
Haters nowadays are like colon cancers
Pains in my asses
And I'm not asking you to stand on stage
and try to mic-jack son like Mike Jackson
I suggest you moonwalk your ass backstage
Because if you dare get enraged and come my way
I will take you & verbally rape you
Like they say purple & gold's number 8 do
Hey dude I'm not the one to play with
My sunshine ain't your days
Therefore my joys are not your dismays
And any haters please come this way
They say any enemies is dead work
So if your enemy is your footstool
Don't blame me if your fuckin head hurts...
Track Name: Superhero's Resignation
Peter Parker's position's been filled
Batman's still got his wheels
and last time I checked Clark Kent ain't gave his cape up
Baby, I can't save you
Can't nobody take you for a fool, unless that's how you're selling it
And if you stayed celibate more than three weeks after you meet
You would know if he was diggin you instead of trying to dig IN you
It don't take that book, movie, or even my poem to know
whether or not he's not that into you
Especially if he don't call after he enters you
How you give a man job benefits & he ain't passed the interview?
Baby girl, you need to learn the inner you
Salvation's not an occupation, it's self service
And if you took more time learning yourself
You'd know which one of these niggas was self-serving
Don't know your purpose
What your worth is, or what you was built for
Chick, you're not a Motel 6... you're the Biltmore

I ain't ya daddy, I ain't raising you
Yeah, I got a little paper, I ain't breaking you off
A damn thing, baby, I ain't paying for you
You got life fucked up, I'ma pray for you
You better go & go talk to the God that made you
Get your Mary J. Blige on & breakthrough
I'ma make me, I ain't trying to make you
I ain't got no cape on, I ain't trying to save you (repeat)

verse 2

If we built more princesses & raised them to be queens
They wouldn't be naked on poles & half-naked on trampolines
I mean, ain't ye supposed to first seek the kingdom?
But nowadays queens dumb
Trying to find court jesters to replace them with big faces
But instead of focusing on the Benjamins you need to look at Abraham
not Lincoln, ABRAHAM
Remember in the Bible when he left Lot is when he got his blessings
A lot of y'all stressing
Acting like y'all in Shawshank
Not realizing y'all got the key to your own freedom
So let me make this message for y'all real, real simple & clearer
Baby girl, if you need a superhero, you need do nothing else... except look in the mirror
As for me?

(repeat chorus)