LTV2: Part 1​-​-​The Death & Rebirth of Christopher Owens

by Truth B. Told

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The first in a three-part series entitled "The Death & Rebirth of Christopher Owens", this EP (nicknamed "The Eulogy") features mixtape-style tracks ("D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Coon)), previously unreleased works by Truth B. Told, as well as a collaboration with Neo-Soul artist Maestro J (on "Acoustic Love")


released December 28, 2010



all rights reserved


Truth B. Told Phoenix, Arizona

"Poet or an MC? Neither, I'm a hybrid/ That means I ain't gassed up but I electrify sh*t..." --Truth B. Told

The only title I prefer to use for myself is "artist".

My goal is to be the best me that I can be. So far, I'm doing pretty damn good. I thank you for your continued support in everything I do.

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Track Name: Say No More
I don't do "maybe"s or "probably"s
Step off stage, leave no doubt like Gwen Stefani
Mami, I am not your average
I damage pros & amateurs
And if you try to fuck with me, suggest you bring the ambulance
Most other people make excuses, me I make moves
Anybody call me lucky, I call them a damn fool
Kids, pay attention:
This is what your dreams look like when they grow up
thanks to ambition
Drove a couple hundred miles just to spit a couple poems
Sell your product til its gone, hit the road, take it home
I redefine hustle, how you say I don't, dude?
More people know me in YOUR city than know YOU
These are what the facts is:
I came down 'round here, put the city on my back like I'm Atlas
Ok, you got a little fire, you a matchstick
How you fuckin with the sun, I don't owe you jack shit
It's over for the bullshit, over for the nonsense
Over all these muthafuckas tryin to hate on my shit
Over all these other niggas overanalyzing
What it is I'm here for, they ain't even tried shit
I don't even want the crown, they call me your highness
I would rather sip on Crown relax at home & write shit
They mad 'cause I write shit
I'll even freestyle shit to witness with your eyelids
So tell me what you hatin' for?
Poet or an MC? Neither I'm a hybrid
That means I ain't gassed up but I electrify shit
Funny how them same folk
Who love your ambition start to bitchin then they hate more
Suddenly I'm arrogant
People say I'm self-absorbed
(Nigga, you ain't shit!)
Really nigga? Tell me more
Tell me what I've done before, show me what I've been through
How you knowin' me so well and you can't even be YOU?
Niggas bangin MY drum, find your OWN to beat to
Niggas hang on MY nuts, find your own to swing to
I know longer talk shit, now I only speak truth
Hope you enjoy the album, niggas, this just the preview
Name another poet hustle harder than you seen dude
I ain't even braggin, really, I ain't got a need to
Everybody tell me I should try to go sleep more
I already know my dreams, fuck I'm countin sheep for?