For What It's Worth​.​.​.

by Truth B. Told

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released August 25, 2011



all rights reserved


Truth B. Told Phoenix, Arizona

"Poet or an MC? Neither, I'm a hybrid/ That means I ain't gassed up but I electrify sh*t..." --Truth B. Told

The only title I prefer to use for myself is "artist".

My goal is to be the best me that I can be. So far, I'm doing pretty damn good. I thank you for your continued support in everything I do.

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Track Name: Intro (For What It's Worth) ft B. Simm
I pledge allegiance to the legions of leaders speaking
For reasons not needed for your approval
A Martin Luther King type dream
Through Malcolm X’s means I keep it moving
See I do this for the underdogs, longshots, & rejects
Those fighting for respect with each breath I peeped that
Niggas is comical, nowadays they acting like
I get commercials, turned commercial, then somehow forgot to write
Forgot about the nights & open mics that I went to
Bullshit promoters & the shut down venues
Like I forgot about all of the shit that I’ve been through
I wouldn’t take it back, I’m proud what I’ve been through
Rough side of the mountain, I’m gonna continue
More than a pissed-off poet with a point to prove
I’m tryin to piss off poets until they start to do
Better than the mediocre bullshit they passin to masses
You ain’t the shit, you half-assin
Me? I’m the assassin come to kill all you bastards
Killing the craft, punchline poets writin’ for ass
If you ain’t lighting a path, We ain’t liking your ass
Fuck what you write in the past, I’m inviting your ass
To remember the motivation that inspired your ass
You can have integrity & inspire for cash
Just don’t let the latter fuck up what’s in your plans
Everything that happened it ain’t an accident
Get a dream, start a plan, go & make it happen
And the time spent by others on the sidelines laughing
Is the time that separates the wannabes from the champions
Promised my pops I was gonna be a champion
And that don’t come from a title in a slam you win
It’s perseverance from the times life slams you in
Life’s the question, living it’s the answer
Can’t shine ‘til you’re polished most of y’all don’t understand that
You on some crazy shit if you don’t think I’m makin it
It’s time to raise my brainchild, ain’t no time to babysit
Go out & make it happen, life is how you pimp it
Why you keep on asking for the things you been given?
Track Name: Words I Never Said (ft. Skylar Grey)
I’m immature & full of shit at times that ain’t a secret
Meaning I’m no dif-er-ent than anybody breathing
If you took the time to judge yourself you’d have no reason
To take your insecurities and point them all at me, kid
But I guess I often give a fuck
Tryin to help the people that complain that I don’t help enough
That’s why I left Louisville, as far as performing cause
I got tired of empty promises & no one showing up
Mics I like to rock them but ladies need to lighten up
Just cause I write a sexy rhyme don’t mean that we about to fuck
Funny how promoters want poets to keep you focused but
When it’s time to pay the poets they don’t focus on the bucks
And this is more than talk
Homie this the truth
If you got trouble handling it you can leave the room
Niggas ain’t gon be shit
Bitches ain’t gon be shit
Why you keep on tryin to turn ‘em into kings & queens then?
Take care of yourself first
Before you dog people
I’m a part of the problem; my problem is I speak up
And I believe what I speak for…. Church


And yea I hear how people talk, about this generation
But no one wants to answer when I’m asking y’all who raised them
Children lacking discipline, won’t take them to church
But you going to the club with the person that you birthed…
Now that shit don’t make sense to me
Spare the rod & spoil the child
It’s called accountability
No one wants the answers to the questions they don’t wanna see
Complain about the school they’re in but when you read a book to ‘em
You say they do no wrong so what you paying bonds for
If they stay in a jail then somewhere we have failed
So stop making up excuses, let’s make something useful
If we don’t try to fix this we will not be existing
1 in every 3 kids, childhood obesity
Teach ‘em that their call of duty don’t come on a PS3
Make your children exercise, tell ‘em to go outside to play
And if you really give a fuck then take the damn remote away



Now I could talk about the nonsense until I am unconscious
Spit a poem until I’m dead & gone but I realize that
Some things within me need to change
I know that this is critical
To even have chance to have you listen when I spit to you
Poets can be prophets but we still are individuals
I never said we’re perfect but there’s purpose when we spit the truth
Yea, these are my faults this is my walk this how I get my help
So know that when I talk to you... I’m talking to myself…
Track Name: Haters Love Song ft J. Cole
I don’t comprehend how grown men started acting like they’re divas
Blaming everybody else for why they ain’t up on the scene
It seems like niggas nowadays two-faced they don’t know how to treat you
Talking all behind your back but lack that hatred when they see you
That’s a business misdemeanor mister mean it if you say it
Maybe I should thank my haters for everything that they sayin’
It’s like I got a street team of niggas that keep on speaking
About me in the negative curiosity peaking
Got me thinking maybe haters ain’t no different than a groupie
How bout I give an autograph, that way you’ll say you knew me
What you talk & how you walk ain’t really mixin
You say on your grind but keep on whining, that’s a walking contradiction
Stop your cryin & complaining, I ain’t staying for your bitchin
How somebody stop your dreams unless you offered them assistance?
Listen, bitches…

You know what? They say that I’m conceited… Cool
They wanna talk about me I’ll give ‘em a reason to
It ain’t my fuckin fault you don’t know how to believe in you
I’ma see me do what I need to pimp
Putting in work but I see you pissed
It ain’t my fault I’m becoming somethin you didn’t
Nigga this ain’t Entourage, you ain’t Jeremy Piven
Play your position; I thought whatever you do is ‘cause of your movement
So don’t get mad because I do it and it seem like you don’t do shit
Really why these niggas frontin?
Like I ain’t bout to blow like suicide bombers
Promise you don’t wanna push my buttons
Homie, it’s nothing they say that I’m an asshole
Simply because I have more ambition I ain’t ask for
A motha effin blessing I expected this from working
Don’t put my faith in dreams, I stay awake & make it certain
When it’s all said & done there ain’t nothing left for debating
You cats like Marvin Sapp raps never would’ve made it
Go ‘head and hate it…
Track Name: On Another One ft Drake
Just imagine what would happen if spoken word turned to rappin
Poets starting beef & niggas turning into actors
We start writing for the screams & the advances by the groupies
So concerned with being seen we lose our focus on what truth be
Girl do me, I’m famous, so now your girls can think that
You the one I write my poems about, and you just buy my drinks, bitch
What I speak about don’t matter, it ain’t even important
You don’t care about a message so let’s keep those bottles pourin’
God forbid we talk bout something other than some ego stroking
Spoken word about how dope & potent everything we spoke is
Muthafuck some thought-provoking educating & uplifting shit
If it ain’t making money you ain’t bout to make me spit it
We can pimp this like religion, make them eat up what we’re feeding
Then the people could confuse it for something they really needed
I’m so thankful this won’t happen to poetry cause I love it
Plus that doesn’t sound like poets that you know… Or does it?
Track Name: The First 48 (Bonus Track)
(I feel like) Tom Brady at the Colts Stadium
The better I do, the more they gon’ hate it (and)
Whatever I do, I know they’ll try to break him
But I won’t back down so know I’m gon’ take it
The cynicism, the critics & all the bullshit
I’m doing something right if this is what I fool with
I mean, think about it: Who really wastes time
Tryin to scrutinize a guy that ain’t really on his grind?

Name another poet around that comes harder
Album number four, ya boy just getting started
Started off on a mission, still grinding, still spitting
Still giving niggas fits can’t figure how I did it (watch)
Pride of Saginaw Michigan far from innocent
Mission is spittin sentences sicker than girls with syphilis
Ignorance, I’m the antithesis been rippin it
For longer than a minute but niggas still say I ain’t shit

It’s funny how these guys talk
Like I don’t shoot off the dome like I’m an Oswald
Unsuccessful & they swear to God it’s my fault
‘cause don’t nobody pay attention to ‘em after I talk
Last time I checked I ain’t the reason
Your ass ain’t succeeding & reaching the peaks
You’re supposed to, too much time with your focals
Focused on what I do, but dude I ain’t like you

One man band, I do this shit my damn self
Apologize for nothing, regrets can’t help
Learned from my past got past my circumstances
Took my chances now onstage is where I landed
Stop waiting around looking for handouts
It’s the broke ones that always run their damn mouth
Funny how the cats before that would ignore me
Walkin ‘round pissed ‘cause now they can’t afford me

Mark Zuckerburg with words but don’t steal shit
Fuck what you heard, superb & spit realness
Real is real you know what I bring to the building
Wanna play games, then fine I’m Scott Pilgrim
Me against the world, you ain’t ‘bout to find a better bet
Goin all in every time when I hit another set
There’s only one goal: Be the inspiration for nations
Everytime I grace the stage, man
Truth B. Told aka
As Seen on TV & Don’t Try This At Home
Why watch a throne? When I can write a poem
And just off what I think build kingdoms of my own
No disrespect just don’t expect to see me
Not keep the same grind that brought my ass to your TVs
Perseverance at its finest
It’s drive multiplied by the pride that defines me as timeless